Diffuse Scattering Workshop

We are helping to organize a workshop on Diffuse Scattering as part of the Advanced Light Source user meeting.

Speakers include: George Phillips (Rice), Jeremy Smith (ORNL), Mike Wall (LANL) and our own Andrew Van Benschoten!

More information here: http://cci.lbl.gov/dials/oct_2013_diffuse.htm

“There is an increasing realization that static protein structure revealed by X ray crystallography is only part of the picture, and that the true value is in knowing how conformations change as enzymes react chemically and proteins interact with various molecular partners. While the Bragg spots measured by X-ray crystallography reflect the time-averaged structure, non-Bragg diffuse scatter in the diffraction pattern is a direct measure of the short- and long-range motions within the crystal. What are the current prospects for utilizing this information to understand the dynamics of biological macromolecules? What role will pixel-array detectors play, since they allow us to measure diffuse scatter with unprecedented clarity and dynamic range? What software methods will be needed? What will be the role of high-performance computing in bringing these ideas to fruition? This workshop will be an opportunity for interested crystallographers and methods developers to come together to examine the state of the art and frame these ideas for future work.”

You can register online ($300, $150 for students)

We hope to see you there!