News from the Fraser Lab

Fraser Lab attends Alber fest

James Fraser
21 January 2013

Rahel, Daniel, and David joined James for a symposium held in honor of his PhD advisor Tom Alber.

Tom finished the day with an inspirational talk that perfectly summarized the spirit of the day!

Alber Fest

Andrew celebrates after giving group meeting

James Fraser
18 January 2013

Doesn’t he look happy?


New Rotation Student

James Fraser
07 January 2013

Brian O’Donovan starts his rotation!


Holiday Cleanup

James Fraser
07 December 2012

holiday holiday holiday

Time for some holiday fun (and lab cleanup!)

In support of the BMRB

James Fraser
06 September 2012

NSMB published a collection of remarks from structural biologists about why it is essential to continue public support of the The Biological Magnetic Resonance Bank (BMRB), which is under threat of having its funding cut. Below is ours:

James Fraser, John Gross, Tanja Kortemme & Andrej Sali University of California San Francisco, San Francisco

Experimental NMR parameters such as chemical shifts are very important for improving NMR biomolecular structures and methods for NMR analysis. The NMR parameters deposited in the BMRB are also useful for evaluating the accuracy of the structures published. Thus NMR databases such as the BMRB should be supported worldwide. The BMRB at Wisconsin is a key NMR database and should be sustained mainly by US funding agencies.