News from the Fraser Lab

June SSRL Trip

James Fraser
26 June 2013

A trip down to Stanford to visit Henry van den Bedem and collect some RT data under paratone on the Pilatus detector with Doeke and Ian

Dyanmic Disorder

Dynamic Disorder

Static Disorder

Static Disorder

ALS Trip

James Fraser
14 June 2013

group #groupshot

snack #midnightsnack

avi #makinghimjealous

avi #twotheta

David passes quals

James Fraser
09 June 2013

Describing how he felt while Bob Stroud asked him about desolvation energy… while

describing how he felt after answering…

two down, one to go! rahel Congratulations Iggy!

Blue Jays v Giants

James Fraser
05 June 2013

The Fraser lab took advantage of our proximity to ATT park to catch the Toronto Blue Jays humiliate the SF Giants 4-0. RA Dickey’s knuckball was floating and the BLLs were flowing!

Thanks to Rich for organizing a fun outing for the Fraser, Bainton, Oldham, and Daneman labs. baseball

Ken starts his rotation

James Fraser
08 April 2013

Welcome to Ken, our first rotation student from the PSPG graduate program!