News from the Fraser Lab

Faculty beat students

James Fraser
12 February 2013

Final score: Thesis Committee 30 to Tetrad Students 25! Thanks to Daniel and Pradeep for refereeing and to Brian for scorekeeping



Lillian shepherds the lab through another successful safety inspection!

James Fraser
06 February 2013

Another successful safety inspection - way to go Lillian!

Seems safe

Fraser Lab attends Alber fest

James Fraser
21 January 2013

Rahel, Daniel, and David joined James for a symposium held in honor of his PhD advisor Tom Alber.

Tom finished the day with an inspirational talk that perfectly summarized the spirit of the day!

Alber Fest

Andrew celebrates after giving group meeting

James Fraser
18 January 2013

Doesn’t he look happy?


New Rotation Student

James Fraser
07 January 2013

Brian O’Donovan starts his rotation!